Duane Vickery

Managing Director

Duane Vickery is a highly respected Australian South Sea Islander of Aboriginal (Yuwi), Torres Strait Islander (Ugar), Vanuatu (Malekula) and Solomon Islands (Malaita) decent. Duane is an educator, facilitator, trainer and mentor in the field of leadership, community engagement and community/corporate governance. Duane has worked in the public and private sectors for over twenty five years and has developed an excellent reputation for his desire to see others excel and reach their full potential. Continue reading..

Danny O’Neill


Danny O’Neill is a man who influences others through the power of inspired words and actions. Danny is a highly skilled communicator and facilitator who specialises in people development, community engagement and change leadership. Danny aims to inspire and challenge others to affirmative action with his charismatic and empathetic approach to diverse groups of people and organisations. Danny is proud of his South Pacific heritage; (Fiji, Rotuma and New Zealand) and coming from a large family; believes in the wealth of belonging, mastery independence and generosity. He believes in the power of story, lived experience and life-long learning. Continue reading…

Tyrone Adamson


Tyrone Adamson is of Indigenous, South Sea Islander and Papua New Guinean heritage. He is an up-and-coming facilitator, coach and mentor. Tyrone’s expertise is in the fields of leadership, people development and community engagement, and has a passion and desire to see others reach their full potential. In his role as Facilitator/Coach for ETM Perspectives, Tyrone believes in the power of authenticity, intentionality and lived experience. Continue reading…

Jemmason Power


As a proud Aboriginal and South Sea Islander emerging facilitator and mentor, Jemmason is passionate about her community and being a positive role model for Indigenous men and women. Jemmason specialises in accreditation planning and development, evaluation reporting, program implementation and improvement, quality assurance, facilitation, and consultation. Jemmason holds a Bachelor of Human Services from the University of Queensland and obtained a Diploma of Quality Auditing from Gray Management Systems whilst working as an Accreditation Support Officer. Continue reading…

Enzo Bocchino

Marketing & Promotions/IT Support

Vincenzo (Enzo) Bocchino, is the Marketing and Promotions Manager at ETM Perspectives (ETMP). He strives to make a point of “media” impact for ETMP as a leading specialist consultancy company in leadership development and governance facilitation. Enzo’s energy and passion is solely driven by the nature of entrepreneurship, to inspire change within the lives of others and to achieve the ultimate goal to build his own legacy. Continue reading…