Duane Vickery

Managing Director

Duane Vickery is a highly respected Australian South Sea Islander of Aboriginal (Yuwi), Torres Strait Islander (Ugar), Vanuatu (Malekula) and Solomon Islands (Malaita) decent. Duane is an educator, facilitator, trainer and mentor in the field of leadership, community engagement and community/corporate governance. Duane has worked in the public and private sectors for over twenty five years and has developed an excellent reputation for his desire to see others excel and reach their full potential. Continue reading…

Danny O’neill


Danny O’Neill is a man who influences others through the power of inspired words and actions. Danny is a highly skilled communicator and facilitator who specialises in people development, community engagement and change leadership. Danny aims to inspire and challenge others to affirmative action with his charismatic and empathetic approach to diverse groups of people and organisations. Danny is proud of his South Pacific heritage; (Fiji, Rotuma and New Zealand) and coming from a large family; believes in the wealth of belonging, mastery independence and generosity. He believes in the power of story, lived experience and life-long learning. Continue reading…

Enzo Bocchino

Marketing & Promotions

Vincenzo (Enzo) Bocchino, at 23 years of age, is the founder of Bocchino Marketing Group (BMG). Born and raised to Italian and Cook Island parents in Hobart, Tasmania, his childhood revolved around an industrious family environment that encouraged sustainability of fresh produce at home, notably he also recognised that same hardworking ethic in the family Bodyworks business. This humble beginning gave Enzo a passionate purpose to start his own entrepreneurial vision. Enzo Inspires to make a positive impact, Challenges to live Healthily, and Empowers to Believe in yourself. Continue reading…