Tyrone Adamson


Project Support & Media Consultant

Tyrone Adamson is an Indigenous and South Sea Islander emerging facilitator, coach and mentor. Working In the field of leadership and people development, drives his passion and desire to see others reach their full potential.  Tyrone is the Project Support and Media Consultant for ETM Perspectives who believes in the power of authenticity, intentionality and the lived experience.

Expertise and Experience

Tyrone is an innovative person who effectively utilises his creative skills to connect media and music with people development. 

Tyrone’s development in the adaptive leadership space, was demonstrated in his role as an Indigenous mentor in the WEX Canberra 2019 (Work Exposure in Government program), and continuing into WEX Virtual 2020, run by ETMP.

As an emerging facilitator Tyrone participates and observes ETMP facilitators developing him further to co-facilitate.


Areas of Specialisation

  • Project Support
  • Media and Music
  • Leadership Development
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • IT skills

Responsibilities & Duties

  • Cert in IGDOM (media)
  • Cert in IM (media)
  • Cert in Leadership Essentials


  • Leadership and Management