QAIHC Staff Professional Development Workshop​


ETM Perspectives (ETMP) acknowledges the generations of traditional custodians who continue to maintain cultural practices and a connection to this land on which we gather today. We also acknowledge their ongoing custodianship of this country.


Who is ETMP?

ETM Perspectives (ETMP) practice and approach is embedded in Adaptive Leadership Theory, Transformational Leadership Principles and Strength Based Practice. ETMP creates a safe learning environment where development and change opportunity is maximised. Through real simulations, case in point scenarios and experiential techniques; individuals are called on to self-reflect and grow their emotional intelligence.

ETMP’s is in the business of people development and of behavioural change whereby excellence is the constant endeavour of walking towards ones fears to overcome all defaults and barriers; whether internal or external. We invite individuals and teams to engage in and be accountable for their personal learning journey. To do the work that personal development demands. We provide the environment for vulnerability and trust to flourish which then enables authenticity. This in turn drives paradigm shifts of change.

 >    Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander/South-Sea Islander owned and operated pty ltd organisation

>    Established to assist organisations/people to create a culturally safe workplace environment which enhances understanding, respect and productivity.

>    Works extensively with Australian and Pacific Island governments, corporate businesses and community-based organisations assisting them to courageously navigate their way in community and workplace environments effectively and respectfully.

Policies and Procedures Workshop

Workshop Purpose

The purpose of this workshop is to increase participant’s awareness and understanding of QAIHC workplace policies and procedures and the importance of compliance.

Workshop Objective

The objective of the workshop is to uncover, expose and value-add to participant’s knowledge and understanding of workplace policies and procedures, while identifying the impacts of compliant and non-compliant attitudes and behaviours.


Workplace Communication Workshop

Workshop Purpose

The purpose of this workshop is to discover and discuss what effective workplace communication means to you and your colleagues.

Workshop Objective

The objective of the workshop is to uncover, expose and value-add to your communication capabilities, and understand what the impacts of these on your work colleagues and stakeholders are.


Workshop Design

Both workshops are About:

·       Facilitated discussion to allow ‘discovery’

·       Sharing feelings, skills and techniques to learn about and from one another

·       Deep attentive listening and honesty

·       Personal risk taking

·       Curiosity and seeking first to understand

·       Perspectives

·       Inside to outside change

·       Self-reflecting on your communication strengths, needs, opportunities and challenges


Both workshops are NOT About:

·       Debate or argument

·       Absolutes

·       Feeding you information or teaching you – ‘Jug to mug’

·       Judging others


Select the workshop to access the course material and information. Both workshops are privately secured and require a password to grant access. Please contact your workshop advisor for the password to gain access.