The rapidly evolving nature of COVID-19 has changed the way ETM Perspectives are doing business for the foreseeable future. 


Meetings are being conducted virtually and employees are having to manage their workloads from their home environment.  These changes may be ongoing even after the risk of the virus has passed. During this transition, our staff was challenged with tight schedules, overtime work hours, and increased stress levels. However, every organisation experienced a new wave of challenges with COVID-19 especially with maintaining engagement and motivation from clients and potential programs.

ETM Perspectives (ETMP) are continuing to manage a number of workshops and programs as they would normally in a face-to-face environment. ETMP’s service offerings, have been transferred to a virtual classroom where the key principles, content and interactions are expressed online through various platforms. The website went under construction to enhance the capabilities of hosting external web pages for larger and more in-depth programs, also known as a ‘portal’. Each portal is built to support the particular program including all the resources involved to produce a successful e-learning curriculum for the client. The portal is a registration styled process that is privately secured and accessible only to those involved in the workshop/program. To further support the online training material in the portals, ETMP facilitators also host and facilitate online webinar meetings with participants in a room of 8-10 people. The facilitators limit the number of participants at 10 to maximise the interaction between the leader and members, however they have facilitated programs from up to 70 persons at one time.

It doesn’t stop there… ETMP are also in the midst of creating a number of online self-paced courses for their clients, corporates and even the general public to purchase and complete at their own pace. ETMP plan to provide 2-3 courses ‘live and ready’ on their website by February 2021.

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