Enzo Bocchino


Marketing & Promotions/IT Support

Vincenzo (Enzo) Bocchino, is the Marketing and Promotions Manager at ETM Perspectives (ETMP). He strives to make a point of “media” impact for ETMP as a leading specialist consultancy company in leadership development and governance facilitation. Enzo’s energy and passion is solely driven by the nature of entrepreneurship, to inspire change within the lives of others and to achieve the ultimate goal to build his own legacy.

Expertise and Experience

In 2018, Enzo earned a Bachelor of Business degree from Avondale University College; majoring in Human Resource Management and a minor in Marketing. Straight out of University, Enzo continued to further develop his knowledge by enrolling in a number of various marketing courses, such as E-commerce, Dropshipping, Digital marketing and Affiliate marketing; all facilitated by successful business influencers. Those skills were later demonstrated in his day-to-day job with ETMP, pursuing new initiatives to grow the online footprint and drive traffic to the social media platforms

Throughout Enzo’s years in high school/college and University, he jumped at any opportunity to get some work experience. He worked in placements such as European Technology Bodyworks, Sanitarian Health & Wellbeing, Life Health Foods, Bigge’s Barbershop and an internship with ETM Perspectives (ETMP) attending a program called Work Exposure in Government (WEX 2018).

Since joining in 2019, Enzo has now helped re-brand ETMP and created an online presence for the company through web development, CRM, video conferencing, and put in a place a Learning Management System (LMS) to deliver and facilitate virtually for a number of programs to a variety of clients.

Areas of Specialisation

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (Digital)
  • Product Marketing
  • Advertising and Promotions
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • SEO


  • Bachelor of Business
    • Human Resource Management (Major)
    • Marketing (Minor)


  • Effective Communication by ETMP
  • Unconscious Bias by ETMP
  • Cross-Cultural Awareness by ETMP
  • Instagram domination course by Foundr
  • FBA E-commerce by Freedom Formula
  • Dropshipping Accelerator E-commerce